Pocket Size Multitools

The Original Multi Tool - Leatherman PST
Leatherman PST

Pocket size multitools give the best combination of function and convenience. Replace your EDC pocket knife with one of these multitools and be ready for everything.

The original Leatherman PST was designed to be 14 tools all in one convenient package. Although it came with a belt sheath, at 5 ounces and 4 inches when closed many people decided to carry it in their pocket. Since that time multitools have gradually moved into two distinct categories – pocket size multitools you can carry in your pocket and heavy duty multitools that require a sheath or tool belt. Of course there is overlap, many people prefer to avoid the additional weight in their pocket altogether and choose to carry pocket multitools in a belt sheath.

In our experience, we want our EDC multitool or knife to be less than 5.5 oz and 4.25 inches or shorter. At these dimensions it will fit comfortably in the corner of our front pocket with the pocket clip and not weigh us down too much. Put a 6 oz multitool in your pocket and it seems ok at first. Then as you are out moving around all day it bounces around and feels like you are carrying an anchor by quitting time.

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Pocket Size Multitool Styles

In the drive to make their multitools more convenient to pocket carry, manufacturers have gone down different paths. They all look similar at first glance, but there are four distinct multitool styles.

Leatherman Skeletool CX multi-tool
Leatherman Skeletool CX

Butterfly Opening Pocket Multitools

The primary category are butterfly folding multitools like the Skeletool where you unfold the handles to access the pliers.

Butterfly Opening Pocket Size Multitools – Product List

spring assisted switchblade pliers pocket multitiool

Button Release Spring-Assisted ‘Switchblade’ Pliers Pocket Multitools

The SOG Switchplier and the Bivy tool from CRKT make up the second category where the pliers and handle unfold from the multitool body.

Integrated Pliers multitool
SOG Micro Toolclip

Integrated Pliers Pocket Multitools

A third design that sees some use is where the plier jaws are always present and locked closed until the handle is released. This design is currently used in the Micro Toolclip tool from SOG. 

Gerber Multi Plier Compact Sport 400
Gerber MP400

Sliding Jaw Design Pliers Pocket Multitools

Gerber dominates the sliding jaw design category for full-size multitools and also has the Multi-Plier 400 Compact Sport in the pocket size category.